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Simply just pay for what you store

At boxxsntore we bring the storage to your doorstep,” Say good bye to traditional storage. At boxxsntore you can store from one box to the whole house and office items by this way you don’t need to rent the whole storage unit,”

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We collect already packed boxes, cartons and items to deliver at destined address or secured storage spot. Additionally, our task force can direct and assist in professional packing of any stuff. Whether it’s the job of moving the luggage at a short distance or forwarding it overseas all the job is outperformed smoothly with high-regulation. We come up with reliable Freight Forwarding (air, sea and land) inclusive of Custom Clearance and Land Transportation (trucks, trailers), Loading/Unloading, Freight Broker and Cargo Packing Services. Moreover, quality packing material and fortified storing locale for residential and commercial needs is offered by BoxxnStore at moderate rates.

Our Services

BoxxnStore is proposing supreme set of logistic services consisting packing, collection, delivery, movement, freight forwarding by air/sea/land, load/unload, cargo, custom clearance and freight brokerage for commercial as well as residential purposes.

Freight Forwarding Dubai

Custom Clearance

Our fully licensed custom clearance agent & professionals offer a wide range of services to help you minimize duty liabilities, maximum duty refunds, exemptions, & deferrals and ensure compliance with Dubai customs.  


We propose the facility of reliable and absolutely insured storage space for all kinds of packed luggage alloted unique codes for tracking. Our water proof storage spot is modernly fortified with fire alarm and CCTV system monitored 24/7. Just contact us now.


The active and experienced crew of BoxxnStore possesses expertise in moving and relocating items whether it’s about floors or at a wider scope. Professional wrapping, dismantling and transporting service is offered by us with careful handling of items. Contact us now 


Boxxnstore brings quality packing material, especially cartons and boxes of all types. We also provide experienced labors to pack or dismantle any kind of luggage skillfully without wasting a moment. Our master workforce can guide with appropriate tips.

Our Mission & Vision

Boxxnstore is a professional storage and logistics company a door to trust, ease & comfort. To free our customers from the worry of domestic and commercial relocation is our mission. On the other side of the coin, our vision is to stay superlative in the field of freight forwarding, worldwide shipping and locomotion of luggage or products. Subsequently, our services range from shipping of minor carriage to substantial one in —-. Ensuring obstacle-free delivery without any loss is our foremost priority!

Mission and Vision
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Mobile: 0528244497
Landline: 043478818

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Office address warehouse 49-1 Warsan first Dubai UAE

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09:00 am - 07.00 pm
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What clients says about us

Thank you for your interest in Boxxnstore Company.

_ Testimonial _

What clients says about us

Thank you for your interest in Boxxnstore Company.

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