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BoxxnStore is proposing supreme set of logistic services consisting packing, collection, delivery, movement, freight forwarding by air/sea/land, load/unload, cargo, custom clearance and freight brokerage for commercial as well as residential purposes.

Freight Forwarding

The term ‘Freight Forwarding’ refers to the whole process of management and tracking of products shipment from one point to another. BoxxnStore is delivering most satisfactory Freight Forwarding Services across the world through AIR FREIGHT, SEA FREIGHT and LAND FREIGHT. We arrange for the complete procedure for shippers including ranging from collecting to shipping and also store the luggage if needed. Suitable routes are chosen by us to get your parcels and goods delivered at the destination fast and seamlessly. Our company ensures organized, flawless and dexterous transportation of goods to keep the customers stress-free of all this tiring process whether it’s by land, by sea or by air. Professional practitioners are here to offer assistance for every kind of shipping level with best Insurance Package suitable to your requirements. What’s to consider is that we proficiently provide authentic freight forwarding services at amazingly moderate rates.

Custom Clearance

Customs clearance is a mandatory part of the equation acting as the permission by the relevant government for import or export of products at international level. Shipment processes after getting customs duties paid confirmation based on documents. It involves the taking of luggage by authority of customs facilitating the cargo movement. Custom clearance quota must be met for legal transferring of good within or outside the country. BoxxnStore offers trustworthy entire procedure of Customs Clearance constituting of Paperwork Verification, Customs Officer Checks, Payments, Taxes, Duties, and Release of Shipment. Our professionally smart and active Clearing & Forwarding Team properly assists its customers regarding required documentation ensuring their Custom Clearance go smooth without facing any hindrance at effective charges.

Transport & Logistics

Basically, Transport and Logistics go hand in hand in a sense that management of logistics takes in the transportation handling along with expense. Transportation refers to the movement of packed stuff from one place to another and it while logistics include delivery of that stuff carefully and efficiently on time at the destined spot. Transportation focuses on management of physical delivery where logistics concentrates on other affairs in the entire task including overseeing the transferring and warehouse management. The whole operation of transport and logistics is the integration of manifold duties and chore engagements related to moving goods from pickup point to the assigned destination. BoxxnStore presents outright set of transport and logistics services essential in the movement or relocation of goods and freightage. Our competent staff arranges and handle transferring of all kinds of products with utmost efficiency and care at quite reasonable charges.

Movers & Packers

House Relocation is not a child’s play. Of course, it’s a tough and tedious job to be done constituting of wrapping, loading, offloading, unwrapping and finally adjusting of luggage appropriately. Together these chores prove a source of tension and burden for the home residents or office owners. On the other hand, every one urges to get their expensive and precious items shifted carefully and efficiently. BoxxnStore possesses highly-trained and expertized unit of packers and movers which can be at your doorstep at just a call. We skillfully pack up any kind of stuff with suitable material and safely load/unload it with great caution. Moreover, our hands full of experienced labours are capable of assembling and adjusting the luggage without waste of time. What’s good is that you can avail our most satisfactory packing and moving services at economical expense.


BoxxnStore ___ A Full-Blown Logistics Stop

As a professionally methodical firm, we pre-plan and manage all the hacks and tactics going to be utilized in the relevant assignment. Our customer’s gratification is top-tiered for us!

Moving Service Dubai


The active and experienced crew of BoxxnStore possesses expertise in moving and relocating items whether it’s about floors or at a wider scope. Professional wrapping, dismantling and transporting service is offered by us with careful handling of items. Contact us now 

Box and Packing


Boxxnstore brings quality packing material, especially cartons and boxes of all types. We also provide experienced labors to pack or dismantle any kind of luggage skillfully without wasting a moment. Our master workforce can guide with appropriate tips.

Freight Forwarding Dubai


We have masterly skillful unit for packing, unpacking, loading and unloading. In addition, we are providing full fledge authenticated services regarding cargo and freight forwarding especially freight clearance, custom clearance, insurance and land transport.


We propose the facility of reliable and absolutely insured storage space for all kinds of packed luggage alloted unique codes for tracking. Our water proof storage spot is modernly fortified with fire alarm and CCTV system monitored 24/7. Just contact us now.

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