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Freight Forwarding Dubai

Custom Clearance Services

Customs clearance is a mandatory part of the equation acting as the permission by the relevant government for import or export of products at international level. Shipment processes after getting customs duties paid confirmation based on documents. It involves the taking of luggage by authority of customs facilitating the cargo movement. Custom clearance quota must be met for legal transferring of good within or outside the country. BoxxnStore offers trustworthy entire procedure of Customs Clearance constituting of Paperwork Verification, Customs Officer Checks, Payments, Taxes, Duties, and Release of Shipment. Our professionally smart and active Clearing & Forwarding Team properly assists its customers regarding required documentation ensuring their Custom Clearance go smooth without facing any hindrance at effective charges. Our experts can advise and assist you on the following important documentation.


  • Commercial invoicing
  • Export and import licensing
  • Export and import controls
  • Certificate of origin
  • Certificate of inspection & custom inspections
  • Important import documentation
  • Pre shipment inspection
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Packing list
  • Manifest
  • Bill of lading (All types including Air way bill)
  • Product registration
  • Dubai municipality
  • New import codes and renewal
  • Cargo gate passes
  • Haulier codes
  • Duty Exemptions
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation of trailers and trucks

Export Import Custom Clearance

Air & Sea Freight Consolidation

Cargo Transportation

Food Label Approval

Dubai Muncipality Food Export Certificate

Custom Muncipality Consulting

Freight Forwarding Services

Freight ForwardingFreight forwarding services are kind of services relating to the carriage performer by single mode or multi-model transport means ,consolidation ,storage, handling, packing, unpacking,

Loading, unloading, warehousing or distribution of goods as well as ancillary and advisory  services in connection therewith, including but not limited to customs and fiscal matters, declaring the goods for official purposes, procuring insurance of the goods and collecting or procuring payments or documents relating to the goods.

  • Freight forwarding also include logistical services with modern information and communication technology in connection with the carriage, handling or storage of the goods, and the de facto total supply chain management. All these services can be tailored to meet the flexible application of the services provided.

In a globalized market, we as a premier service freight forwarders, distinguish ourselves by providing the best cost, speed and the most possible flexibility and reliability in customer service and entails the logistical arrangement, organization and monitoring of transported goods from a supplier and/or manufacturer to intended recipients, with the attributes like scheduling cargo space, tracking shipments, UAE airport ground handling etc.

Air Freight

We work with the world’s leading commercial freight airlines to ensure that your long-distance freight is delivered on-time on a consistent basis by ensuring that your air freight is accompanied by all necessary documentation for the countries of origin and destination.

SEA Freight

We have operations at several international sea ports around the world, and work with an established network of sea freight transport providers to ensure that your freight is transported via the most time and cost-effective means.


We offer full support for all of your road freight needs including solo and combined transports and oversize cargo.

Land Transportation

o    Container movements with 20” and 40” containers

o    All types of pickups: 3, 7, 10 tons

o    Flat & box trailers

o    Low beds of various kind / capacity

Containers Rental

Rectangular boxes or containers, made of high quality steel, are designed to be carried by trucks or trains or cargo vessels without the content being unpacked enroute expecting at the terminal or the work of the end users. At boxxnstore we provide all types weather proof and water tight General Cargo container, Thermal container, Special Container, Side open container, Car container, Pen container or live stock container, Hide containers on rentals.

Boxxnstore is delivering most satisfactory Freight Forwarding Services across the world through AIR FREIGHT, SEA FREIGHT and LAND FREIGHT. We arrange for the complete procedure for shippers including ranging from collecting to shipping and also store the cargo if needed. Suitable routes, Scheduled service, Faster Service, Predicated delivery time are chosen by us to reduce the cost and to get your goods delivered at the destination fast and seamlessly. Our company ensures organized, flawless and dexterous transportation of goods of all kind i.e. FCL, LCL, BULK, RO-RO to keep the customers stress-free of all this tiring process whether it’s by land, by sea or by air. Professional practitioners are here to offer assistance for every kind of shipping level with best Insurance Package suitable to your requirements. What’s to consider is that we proficiently provide authentic freight

Forwarding services at amazingly moderate rates.

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