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Transport and Logistics

Transport & Logistics

Transport & LogisticsBasically, Transport and Logistics go hand in hand in a sense that management of logistics takes in the transportation handling along with expense. Transportation refers to the movement of packed stuff from one place to another and it while logistics include delivery of that stuff carefully and efficiently on time at the destined spot. Transportation focuses on management of physical delivery where logistics concentrates on other affairs in the entire task including overseeing the transferring and warehouse management. The whole operation of transport and logistics is the integration of manifold duties and chore engagements related to moving goods from pickup point to the assigned destination. BoxxnStore presents outright set of transport and logistics services essential in the movement or relocation of goods and freightage. Our competent staffs arrange and handle transferring of all kinds of products with utmost efficiency and care at quite reasonable charges.

We’ll move anything, anywhere, anytime

Boxxnstore is leading end to end logistics business providing industry leading services to many of the UAE  well known brands. We work around the clock across the whole supply chain, handling all aspects of logistics from start to end.

Our advance thinking focus on innovation makes us the first choice for tackling the challenges presented by modern logistics. Our new pay as you go system and technology led services provides absolute transparency and peace of mind to our customers.

  • We provide moments for 20 feet 40 feet containers
  • All types of pickups available ( 3 ton pickup, 7 ton pickup, 10 ton pickup )all over UAE
  • Flat and box trailers are provided in Dubai and all over UAE
  • Low beds trailers of all kinds are available at low cost
  • All types of trucks and trailers are provided at jabel ali  Dubai


Your organisation  will benefit from choosing Boxxnstore  as a freight partner because our team  is  simple, knowledgeable and good to communicate with. We will search the entire market  and bring the best deals , answering all freight forwarding rates requests promptly and providing all inclusive quotations with no hidden costs. With us you will enjoy the benefit of  worldwide network of freight forwarders and  freight industry experts with global services by road, sea and air. Our hardworking team of experienced freight forwarders  are committed to exceed our clients’ expectations every time.


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